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Shipping & Delivery

We offer 24 hour over night shipping. Weather permitting your dragon can be delivered the next morning to your door step. Live Arrival Guaranteed. Within the lower 48 of the United States. 

Please email us for shipping outside the USA

All dragon Prices Include overnight shipping in the price listed for the animal. Standard taxes will apply.

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Sarah was so helpful with answering my questions... I will be using posh for now on for my big Purchase. Everyone was so friendly.. thank you again

Ellen Congleton Spencer

Wonderful people, I'd recommend them to anyone I know looking for a dragon. 

Stephanie Ann West

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Danielle Latham

Sarah has answered all of my stupid questions  I can tell it isn't about the sale and cares what kind of home her babies are going to

Mia Jensen

Mission Statements

 Our Mission 

Here at Posh Dragons it is our mission to Produce only High Quality and (HEALTHY) Animals and Products.

This means our breeders are chosen based on a multitude of factors from other top breeders from around the world. Creating our own signature lines. One thing we look for is large strong body structure in the most intelligent dragons.  We aim to reproduce the most vibrant array colors, exceptional temperament and of course healthy friendly animals that will live long fulfilled lives.

We believe it is our destiny to Educate the public about these majestic creatures and the proper care for them but more importantly dragon owners. It is our job to help match each dragon and place them with the proper owners, that will cherish them. We hope to help dragon owners raise these loving big heated animals to live long healthy quality lives. We strive educate ALL “Beardies Parents” who are under-educated and miss-directed. This is often times by the (PET STORE EMPLOYEES) selling them the reptile who have very little knowledge on the species. Many times have hardly handled the animals or been properly trained themselves. 



We invite you to use our resources on this website and any other reliable source  to enlighten yourself with proper Bearded Dragon care. Remember if you plan on raising a Bearded Dragon or any other pet they are counting on you to do the right thing! The only ones that suffers from improper care are the animals. Caring for them is easy once you know the right way and they will bring you countless years of companionship and enjoyment.

Posh People


  Hi there! I am Sarah, mother of three beautiful children from St.Louis Missouri. I have two little boys and a little girl, they are the center of my world. These three are just as infatuated with reptiles as mom and dad! My husband is the love of my life we have spent 14 Years together!

   Growing up my husband always wanted reptiles but was unable to have them in his home. I had a few! So you can imagine when we moved into a home of our own we soon began owning reptiles. It did not take us long to fall in love and find a passion for these reptiles. Our love for the reptiles and family has thrived and flourished greater than we could have ever dreamed of! Now in 2018, we have launched PoshDragons making our pet hobby and entrepreneurship business dream come true!  #PoshDragonMommy


We do offer wholesale priced lots of dragons. Available to other breeders and reptile show vendors. Please email us for pricing and more information