Dragon care and setups

Basic Dragon Care

Tank (setup) Husbandry 

(TANK) Bearded Dragons get rather long as adults range from 18-24 inch's on average and need at least a 40-gallon Breeder. I strongly recommend larger. However, this will fit them their entire lifespan. Pictured Below is one of my personal favorites along with a link to there website!       



We prefer front opening enclosures. This helps when bonding with your animal. When you approach from top opening enclosures it can feel threatening and scary to dragons. This is the approach a predator would take making the dragon want to defend itself. Front opening enclosures provide the opportunity to offer your hand eye level to your dragon. Inviting them to trust you. You can make eye contact and communicate before just sticking your hand in the cage and grabbing the animal out. Front opening cages also offers relief form top openers that require you move unmounted lighting from the top of the cage to access the inside of your cage. Avoiding moving the lighting helps protect against burns to the person moving the light and or dragon. This also prevents setting a hot light in a place it could melt or burn something else. ( We highly recommend front opening cages for all dragon owners) but even more for younger owners this allows younger owners to safely access animals.




Heating & Lighting; Both heat & light are important for the health of your dragon.

         --LIGHTING yes they need 2 sources at least 10-12 hours a day--


this light helps prevent metabolic bone disease. By helping with the absorption of vitamin D3 that prevents the bones from becoming soft and deformed. The longer t8 lights cost a bit more but cover the entire tank are more efficient and last a bit longer! Also just because the bulb comes on it may not be still putting off UVB it should be replaced every 4 months regardless even if it still comes on. Screens and glass can inhibit the effectiveness of the bulbs off put we also recommend you securely mount your uvb inside your enclosure so not blocked 18' or so high. 


this lights sole purpose is to keep your dragon warm! You want to keep the tank 78-88°F during the day and around 70°F at night. You will need a hot spot in the tank (a raised place closer to the bulb) that 95°F – 105°F for basking. Older dragons may only want lower end of the basking temp. Younger dragons tend to like the higher basking temp. This is also much needed for dragons for many reasons one being proper digestion of there food. (never use heat rocks or mats) they can and will burn your dragons! 



keep it 25%-35% on a low end this depend on what climate you live in. Some places just keeping a constant water bowl in your dragons cage can cause way to much humidity monitor it. Keep your dragon hydrated but do not over humidify the climate. This can make your dragons very sick. Using a digital thermometer with a probe that can read temperatures. Also a Temp. gun will do you wonders.


Inside The Enclosure


We recommend slate, tile,(non-porous materials) vinyl, linoleum or even paper towels for new keepers. Whatever helps cleaning process best for you.

Use a safe disinfectant agent when cleaning weekly.


digital thermometer with a probe


digital thermometer warm and cool side

Dragon Furnishings

basking place 




Helpful Tools


  • Digital thermometer gun

  • Light timer
  • Spray bottle 

A basking place should be a raised place under the heat bulb the dragon can get closer to the bulb a hide stick branch ect. if this is a hide. Providing a hide on the cool end would be beneficial too.

A hide is a well used space you dragon will settle in at night or just at times it want to get away. Away from heat noise people animals. It is a safe place they can just get away and rest without being bothered. This is important for your dragon to relax. 


Can i put more in there?

Yes the more enrichment without restricting movement is wonderful! They like to climb and move be comfortable. They will use the furnishings you provide just keep in mind you will have to clean these items as well.