Taming Your Moody Dragon



Most of what terrifies a dragon is grabbing them from above and restricting their movement.

These are things I would try to adjust first if you have a nippy dragon on your hands.

Start by lightly petting the baby on the top of its head and down the back. Slowly move your hand into the enclosure and watch how it reacts. If the baby bearded dragon jumps, retreats, or cowers down, the dragon might need more time a little more time. Be patient 

These reactions are generally a sign of fear. It’s ok; it will get accustomed to you if you continue a little each day. Once the baby is comfortable with your petting, you can begin to pick it up and handle it. Slowly place your hand around its midsection and lightly grasping the baby bearded dragon.

Once you have a firm, yet gentle grasp on the bearded dragon, begin lifting it slowly from the habitat. It is essential to keep a reasonably consistent routine when taming your baby bearded dragon. A little interaction each day will go a long way towards building a great long-term relationship.

If you interact with your baby bearded dragon frequently, then stop for several months, you may find that you will need to start all over at the first step again. The key is to be somewhat consistent. other help tips -try sitting Still in the bathtub with your Dragon and letting it expire you, and it’s surroundings without putting your hands-on with the baby at self

This helps it to feel safe around you and not threatened you and begins to build trust -try offering exciting new foods like strawberries or raspberries by hand, Entice the dragon to come toward you and stead do not take the food to it -avoid grabbing your dragon from above as a predatorial bird would 

Try offering your hand in the cage for the beard able to climb into it at recess try helping coax her into one-handed with the other (scooping is always better than grabbing from above in or out of the cage) -try sitting in a safe place where your dragon can just walk to your hands and walk over a year without you needing to restrict it ( this builds trust between both of you)